Rental Program

We believe we offer the best price for the best quality instrument. Our prices are 30-40% discounted off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.  

Our trade-in policy is equally unsurpassed.

At the onset of a child’s music study, many people prefer to rent an instrument for their child. We encourage you to rent the best instrument possible, since lower quality instruments can interfere with a child’s progress. Vienna Music Shop takes very seriously its role in helping a student make the right instrument choice. All of our instruments are hand-made of solid wood (not plywood). A used Violin Starts at $17/mo; Viola at $23; Cello at $30.

Our new model, Principiante, has been directly imported from China. It offers the best price for the quality.

Principiante Violin Rental: $20/mo ($300 for purchase)

Principiante Cello Rental: $38/mo ($900 for purchase)

We give a 6 month rental credit toward purchase. Be sure to see our trade-in policy.  The deposit ($60 for violin, $80 for viola and $150 for cello) will be returned if there is no damage at the time of the instrument’s return. We do not take into consideration scratches; just damage. The cost for repairing damage depreciates the trade-in value of an instrument.

Call our Irvine location at (949) 939-1095 to find the rental program that’s right for you.